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Current future and state of Minecortex
Hello Minecortex Community,

I know many people here are wondering what the future/state of the Minecortex Network & Community is, especially since its a new year.

Its been a long time since we had an official announcement. I haven't been motivated to do much, especially after the constant gridlock I got in the first half of 2018. Where no progress could be made because of trolls/immature people who just want to fuck shit up; and refuse to cooperate, even by people who are suppose to be reputable but end up believing lies/deception and the professionally offended. Some of these folks were so bad, that I believe that some of them may have been paid by the DNC or CIA/NSA to practice psychological warfare and guerrilla/asymmetrical warfare tactics on me and my good loyal staff because they hate platforms that allow free speech. I know some of you think I'm joking, I'm not! I've seen some pretty weird ass stuff during my time as a network owner, stuff that would seem like the motivations of a spy agent, james bond villain, or someone trying to push a political narrative. Theres a whole list of strange stuff I could talk about in #general on discord if anybody wants. - - I took the second half of 2018 off and went on total vacation from anything involving Minecortex; refusing to do anything I didn't like for no pay. Especially after what happened in during the summer starting in June which caused me to have a nervous breakdown for an entire month. The first half killed all motivation I had because of how stressful and frustrated I was. It was so bad, I was giving serious thought to just shutting this whole project down completely or selling it to another community/server. The cyberattacks/harassment I've experienced were so bad that I had to relocate all our platforms to multiple locations/hosting companies around the globe to avoid tyranny and single points of failure. I also had to move the website to a bulletproof hosting provider in Switzerland. So yes, 2018 was a bad year for both me and Minecortex, this shit isn't for the faint hearted. And thats why nothing got done for an entire year. But I want to make 2019 better. Its a new year and its time for new things. I have healed and I'm feeling a bit optimistic.

Because of issues with my payment processors, we will be accepting cryptocurrency only. Until I can get the issue PayPal is giving me resolved. (Which may take a few months or a few days) Xsolla has also refused to do business with us, so we can't use that either. I will not publicly give the reason why I'm having issues with them, due to privacy and security reasons. All bills have been paid to 2020/2021, however skyblock may shutdown due to not enough players to justify the cost and maintenance. This does not mean it's gone forever, all data is backed up for if/when a large amount of members requests that certain things be brought back. If you wish to purchase something from via crypto, please contact me. This will take full effect on the morning of February 11th 2019, when paypal locks my account. So anyone that wants to make a purchase on our store with fiat currency better do it now at, while its still up. I will also be giving instructions on how to convert fiat to crypto, so people who aren't familiar with crypto can pay for something on our store.

I am graduating this year, I have to focus on school and getting legal papers together. I have to focus on career/job choices and my business plans. I know I have done amazing things for only one man with limited resources and options. But even I have my limits, I'm a human being with a life too. I would let somebody take over ownership & operations management while I go on hiatus, but all my friends who I would fully trust for the position and know their shit, such as Retired Co-Founder Eli are busy with irl stuff as well. So there are no successors to take over Leadership and Operations.

Note: This is not a resignation or shutdown notice, this merely means that development/progress has been 80% halted until further notice. This means that nothing more then simple operational maintenance will be done to ensure all servers/platforms are online and functional. Such as updating software, resolving connection issues, and essential services like purchase support. There will still be development however, it will be very slow.

Future plans for 2019 and going into 2020:
We will be expanding into other games such as Rust and rebranding Minecortex. I and many other people have grown tired of minecraft due to Mojang's refusal to cooperate with the server owners of the Java Edition community. They rather add things to the game that make it confusing instead of fun, such as the combat update that a majority of the community hated. I personally do not enjoy minecraft as much as I once did. Keep in mind that this does not mean we are removing minecraft as apart of our network when we do make the shift to other games. We just want to expand and officially have the title of "gaming community". I have always strived to make this platform unique but professional at the same time to be competitive with other networks/platforms.

Changes & Recent News:
  • Major Rules / Community Guidelines changes for those who haven't kept up to date with the rules. The rules are not as strict as they were last year and anybody who was punished for something not listed in the rules has the right to have that punishment/warning removed:

  • Rank changes:

  • Staff requirement changes. I have significantly lighten whats demanded from staff. Such as lowering the minimum time requirements from 14+/w to only 7+ hours a week. (For those who are staff, keep in mind that this is a minimum and you are highly encourged to go above it, especially if you want promotion.)

  • We support our troops! In respect of all those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces and Emergency Services, I have added a Veteran rank which is for Emergency Services and Military personnel only. Those who want this rank must positively-ID themselfs to me that they served or are serving via government ID. This rank has all the perks/features of the highest donator rank. If you lie to us or we discover you are stolen valor, you will be permanently banned.

  • Want to help us? But can't donate? Join the Minecortex Giveaway - Follow, Like, & Retweet for a chance to win one year of Emerald rank: There will only be 4 winners.

Best of luck and Happy New Years,
Minecortex Leadership Team - Founder & Lead Director

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CONTACT [email protected] ABOUT AD PLACEMENT - PRICE: $10 USD per week