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Official Wiki - How to play our servers
Official Minecortex Wiki

The Minecortex Network (Minecortex Services) is a gaming network and social media platform that seeks to provide a fun, joyful, and free experience to its members.

Proxy - This server networks and manages all connections to the servers below.

Factions - This server is where the factions gamemode is played. This server has the most power out of all other servers on the network and can handle heavy computer processing loads. To figure out how this is played or its features, scroll down.

Skyblock - This server is where the skyblock gamemode is played. To figure out how this is played or its features, scroll down. (Discontinued for budget cuts, may come back next year!)

KitPvP (Soon)
Custom Gamemode (Soon)

Global Commands
Network Commands:
/server - Lets you connect to a different server on the network.
/hub, /lobby - Sends you to the main hub of the network.
/msg - Sends a private message to a player of your choice.
/r - Sends a message to the last person who you messaged or who you messaged.

Normal Commands:
/sethome  - Sets a personal/private warp at your current location that only you can access.
/home  - Allows you to teleport to the home you set.
/back - Teleports you back to your last known location or where you died.
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn area.
/warp  - Teleports you to an administrative owned area of the server.
/tpa  - Sends a teleport request to a player.
/tpahere - Sends a request to a player to teleport to yourself.
/tpyes - Accepts the teleport request.
/tpno - Denies the teleport request.
/enderchest - Accesses your enderchest remotely.
/kit - Allows you to see and select a package of free items.

Minecortex Factions Wiki
Hello new comer, factions is a gamemode where players team up to compete and become the best faction on the server. The ultimate goal is to be #1 on /ftop at the end of the season to receive the $100 USD Buycraft FTop Prize. The prize will change to paypal money once this network is more popular. The season ends every 3 months when people ask/demand a reset.

Faction technical information:
  • All players have 100 faction power (/f power). You can increase your player's power by purchasing a power booster @

  • All factions have a power cap of 3000. This means once your faction collectively has 3k fp, you will no longer be able to gain power. No matter how many players you add.

  • You lose 4 power points every time you die.

  • Exploits and glitches that ruin the gameplay such as the ender pearl glitch is patched. Also creeper eggs can't destroy obsidian, this is a cannon focused server.

  • You have access to 4 /sethomes and /enderchest. You can get more /sethomes buy purchasing a rank package @

  • You can buy and sell items via /shop.

Faction Commands:
/f create - Allows you to create your faction.
/f join - Allows you to join a faction.
/f leave - Lets you leave your faction.
/f who - Lets you to see information about your faction or the information of another faction.
/f power - Allows you to see a user's power level.
/f map - Lets you see a map of all chunks around you that are claimed, wilderness (not claimed), warzone (admin claim), and safezone (admin claim).
/f invite - Allows the faction officer (or higher) to invite a member to the faction.
/f kick - Allows the faction officer (or higher) to remove somebody from the faction.
/f ban Allows the faction co-leader or leader to remove somebody from the faction and make sure someone lower can't invite them back.
/f perms - Allows the faction leader to change permissions for his/her faction.
/f owner  - Allows the faction officer (or higher) to prioritized privileges and access to a claim for a faction member of their choice.
/f chat - Allows you to cycle through different chat modes. (Truce, Ally, Faction, Public)
/f sethome - Allows the faction officer (or higher) to set the home of the faction.
/f home - Allows (whatever rank the faction leaders set) to teleport the the faction's sethome.
/f open - Allows the faction leader to open which will make it so anybody can join without an invite or close the faction.
You can see more factions commands via /f help

Features & Items:
Crates and Keys. You can access crates via /crates or /warp crates, to view the keys you have available to open a crate you can do /keys.

Money pouches are items which will give you a random amount of money between the ranges specified. You can either get these from crates or by purchasing some @ or using crate keys.

Custom Arrows. These items are unique arrows which have special abilities. Explosive, Fire, Lightning, and Withering.

Generation Buckets. You have the ability to make instant cobble, sand, and obsidian walls via using /genbuckets.

Chunk Busters. You can completely empty a chunk down to bedrock via a chunk miner. You can get these via crates, special events, or

Minecortex Skyblock Wiki
Founder of The Minecortex Project
5 Star Administrator

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