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Ranks, Roles and Titles
Minecortex Roles and Titles

» Leadership Team (Management) «
The Leadership/Directorship/Management Team is responsible for overseeing/managing all legal, financial, support, servers, platforms, and technical aspects of The Minecortex Project, Minecortex Services, Minecortex Community, and Minecortex Organization.
Founder & Lead Director
Founder represents the Main & First Owner. Oversees the entire network and owns the Network and Minecortex Services outright. This rank is completely unobtainable.

Director / Organizational Administrator, Platform Admin
Oversees the entire community, all the staff/associates, all support operations, and directs the management team. This person is the manager of the managers. Admins have the same permissions however there are certain grades/levels/ratings of admin which determine their experience, loyalty, and honor. These are NOT ranks, they are just titles of honor and permission/trust levels:
5 Stars - Administrator of Minecortex - Admin of the highest honor, trust, experience, and loyalty. 2nd in command. Fully Decorated / The Head Admin.
4 Stars - General Administrator - A highly honored Admin.
3 Stars - Lieutenant Administrator - A trusted hard working Admin.
2 Stars - Major Administrator - A Junior Admin.
1 Star - Brigadier Administrator - A newly promoted admin.

Community Manager / General Manager
Oversee all the managers and staff. They work closely with leadership/administrators to assure all is going to plan. The Community Manager and the Admins trains managers and lower staff. They try to make members in our staff teams leaders not managers/authorities. They organize community events and try to get new dedicated members to our platforms. The Community Manager helps the owner and his directors setup important information. They fix typographical errors and keep information up to date so the Operations Managers can focus on more important things. They connect the community to the developers and the developers to the Owners/Directors. They are required to be friendly, mature, wise, and have a decent understanding of psychology.

Guidelines Enforcement Manager / Direct Manager (Moderation Team)
The Moderation Manager, sometimes referred to as the Guidelines Enforcement Manager or GE Manager, as the name implies, manages the Moderation Team. They are responsible for making sure all guidelines enforcement staff are in line. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring, firing, and training of staff. They resolve any conflict within the teams. They have great people/social skills.

Assistant Manager / Manager Trainee
This individual assists either the Moderation Manager and Community Manager or both with their tasks. They fill in for them if they are unavailable.

» Support, Development, & General Operations (Operations Team) «
The Operations Team is responsible for software development, software management, and technical operations of Minecortex.
The developer is responsible for content production under the management of the Admins, and under the supervision and help from the Community Manager.

System Administrator
This rank has similar responsibilities as the Developer, however these individuals may or may not know how to code java plugins. The role of the sys admin is upkeep, configure, and general maintenance of our servers. They report directly to the Directors / Operations Managers.

Has escalated permissions to assist managers with their tasks, they do many things including customer support. Their power and supervision comes from the Community Manager. The specialist is somebody who is professional of how servers (specifically professional game servers) work. They can specialize in a variety of different things: Community Management, Leadership, Staff Management, Moderation, etc. They are mainly responsible for training new staff members.

This is an individual who is good at building and making in-game designs.

» Guidelines Enforcement Team (Moderation Team) «
The job of the Guidelines Enforcement Team is to enforce the Community Guidelines, to ensure they are not breaking broken. Because the Minecortex Community is public, meaning anybody can join for free: It is necessary to have a group of people who maintain order and assist new members.
Constable / Guidelines Enforcer
Highest Guidelines Enforcement rank that doesn't involve HR management. Enforces advanced community rules and helps higher ups. A fully decorated peace officer of Minecortex. They moderate all our platforms.

Enforces basic community rules and helps players. Reports to higher ups.

Scout Moderator
Same as Helper except they try to find cheaters/exploits and report it to higher staff.

Helper / Trainee
Enforces chat related guidelines. A new staff member in training.

» Partners & Contractors (Business) «
Minecortex Partner
This is an individual we have a unique business relationship with.

This is an individual we have hired to do a particular job, such as a plugin developer.

This is an individual who makes professional content on the server, such as a YouTuber.

» Community (People) «
We support our Troops! This rank is for (IN REAL LIFE) Police/Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, Emergency Services, and Military personnel only. Those who want this rank must positively-ID themselves to Management that they served or are serving via government ID. This rank has all the perks/features of the highest donator rank. If you lie to us or we discover you are stolen valor, you will be permanently banned.

Retired Staff
A retired staff member is somebody who retired/resigned for honorable reasons. Also know as an honorable discharge.

Currently the highest supporter rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

The rank everybody starts off with.
Founder of The Minecortex Project
5 Star Administrator

"Be careful who you are standing with, because even although you may agree on A & B, thing C, thing D, thing E may completely destroy who you are." -Florida Maquis quoting Glenn Beck

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