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Resolved Form submission: Punishment Appeal
Your minecraft username?: Foxy85391

Your timezone?: EU

Why do you think you should be unbanned/unmuted?: i did it once and I will never do it again

Do you admit that the reason was justified?: Yes

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Hello Foxy85391,

Thank you for attempting to appeal your punishment (ban), I am happy to inform you that your punishment appeal has been accepted.

We've decided that you've learnt your lesson since the violation was almost a year ago according to our logs and records. Please inform yourself on our the Community Guidelines (Rules) so you do not get yourself banned again: (The rule you broke is clearly highlighted in red.)

You can now log into the server with IP:

Minecortex Trust & Safety Team (Guidelines Enforcement)
Computerist from the Management Team

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CONTACT [email protected] ABOUT AD PLACEMENT - PRICE: $10 USD per week