CONTACT [email protected] ABOUT AD PLACEMENT - PRICE: $10 USD per week

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Support & Contact Guide
Minecortex Support & Contact Guide
This post should guide you in the right direction to how to effectively receive support.

If you need help regarding a purchase or just general support. You can make a ticket/request on the forums here or on discord. If for whatever reason you can't used our support systems or you just feel uncomfortable using the normal support system for whatever reason, you can email the Support Team via [email protected] Keep in mind that emailing us should be seen as a secondary way of support.

Major Emergencies, Extreme Urgency, & Internal Affairs:  If your situation is very serious (E.g. related to Terms of Service, U.S. Federal Law, or Staff Abuse) or you feel that the support staff are being corrupt, abusive, or misrepresented your situation you can contact the Ownership Team (Top/Senior Management) directly via [email protected] It will take us awhile for us to respond as the Head Administrators are very busy men.

NOTICE:  Contacting the Admins (Owners/Directors) should be seen as a LAST RESORT! DO NOT EMAIL THE ADMINS BEFORE MAKING A SUPPORT TICKET/REQUEST OR EMAILING SUPPORT ([email protected]) FIRST. All emails sent to the administrators ([email protected]) are taken VERY seriously. If you contact the Admins being unprofessional or generally rude, you will be permanently suspended from contacting the Admins and communicating with our email service.

(If you see somebody violating the Community Guidelines on the forums here, you can report their post and clicking the report button at the bottom of their post)

Support Links:
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CONTACT [email protected] ABOUT AD PLACEMENT - PRICE: $10 USD per week