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Recent News and Information (2/27/2019) - Computerist - 02-27-2019

Recent News and Information as of Feb 19th-27th, 2019

There was a major issue across our platform which is now resolved. The reason why the network was offline was due to connection and transfer issues as we are now reverting back to a single server network. Skyblock has officially been discontinued until late this year (maybe even next year) due to it not being financially viable. Which means there is only Factions, for now.

The website was down due to multiple DDoS and spam attacks on our node, which has been resolved by our hosting provider.

In other news:
I have an announcement to share from our retired co-founder, I know this doesn't relate to the server, but this is actually important. Someone who has helped both me and this community since 2017. Her close friend is going through hard times. If you can not donate, then please at least share the following around to other discords and your friends

"I am pasting this on many servers. 
If you want it taken down, just delete it. No harsh feelings.

There had been a devastating fire to one of my closest friend's family business.

To keep this short, they lost everything.
Including, their pets they have had (dogs, birds, rats, chinchillas, etc.)
and numerous of one of a kind items they have collected over the years.

Now, it wasn't just a museum, it was also their home.
Their actual house that had to be taken along too.
All to be irreplaceable.
If you're willing to spare anything,
you made a difference and it's something you should be proud of when you get in bed.

" -Eli / Elba

Our condolences go out to Retired Co-Founder Eli and her friend. Show them love in their time of need.

I will be giving everybody who donates ANY amount to that GoFundMe (even a dollar), Emerald rank on the server and any item of their choosing on our store. You must verify you actually donated though via showing bank statement or card transactions along with a matching comment on the gofundme. Contact me on discord or on the forums here via purchase support for details. (No stolen valor/lies, this is not something to joke about just for a free rank. You will be permanently banned if we find out you lied.)

Now that we got the bad news out of the way, lets talk about the good news...

ALL BANS (EVEN THE BLACKLIST) HAS BEEN RESET. 2018 has taught me emotional intelligence and tolerance, it has made me much wiser and changed my objectives. I hope those who were banned have learnt something as well. Many rules/guidelines has changed, the politics/goals of Minecortex has drastically changed, and I believe people should be given the chance to redeem their self. And please, do not reopen old scars. Let Minecortex World War III (Summer of 2018) be the last of the wars. We always wanted peace, not war. Minecortex does not seek conflict, but we will never run from it. However, we will now try to actively avoid it because we've learnt that no one wins in war.

We want to bring back old features/plugins that the community enjoyed. Maybe even change up the gamemode to be half-factions half-survival/building, like the way we founded? Where tnt was disabled in claims but raiding was allowed? Everyone seemed to like it that way. If you want that let us know! Root for it on our discord. We have a poll going on discord. If you have any other suggestions, post it on the forums here or in #suggestions on discord.