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Staff Application Guidelines - Computerist - 10-17-2018

» Welcome to the Staff Application Guidelines «

Opening speech: Applying and being accepted is an honor, something you really have to work for, not just an offer and not just something anyone can get. Minecortex is a business, therefore should be treated as such. Becoming a staff member may get you an paid job. How? We are partners with many businessmen and we will be opening a hosting/technology company in the future Those who stick around long enough, those who are loyal/dedicated, those who do the job correctly, and show their self worthy, have a strong chance of being hired. Those who abuse, troll, do not follow orders, or generally bring harm to Minecortex will not only be fired but have a bad mark put on their record and will not get any recommendations from us.

Introduction: Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member. We do our best to look into every application that is sent to us. Just be patient, we will get to you as soon as we can. Eventually you will get an alert via discord or email that you've been accepted or denied.

Please note: If you are accepted for an interview and you fail to contact a manager in 7-10 days, your application will be denied. If you can not visit the interview for whatever reason, please let management know so we can reschedule a better time.

What is a staff member? A staff member is anybody who is hired by Minecortex Management to assist them with their tasks or to do a particular job. Some people misunderstand the meaning of "Staff" and think it just means somebody who moderates. Just because they're staff doesn't mean they enforce the rules or have the permissions to. Think military. Moderator would be the Staff Member's MOS. Therefore, once you enlist to become a Minecortex Staff Member, your job will be decided base off the information you provided in your application.

What is a moderator? A moderator (or guidelines enforcer) is like a police officer. Their job is to keep the peace. They keep law and order, they help the community. A moderator should be able to do the following:
1) Assist a player when they ask for your help.
2) Enforce the guidelines fairly, equally, and competently. A moderator should be able to differentiate between what and what not is against the Community Guidelines.
3) A moderator should see them self as a Peace Officer, not a police officer.

// Staff Application Requirements //
  • Must have a verified account on discord or skype. If you do not have a verified discord and the discord application or skype account you can NOT be a staff member. This also means that you must have a working microphone and be able to talk. No exceptions!

  • You must use your main minecraft account for being and to become a member of the staff team.
  • The login information of your main minecraft account must not be shared with anyone. You will instantly have your permissions removed upon sharing your account login details.
  • Must have played for longer then 1 month. You should experience the server and its community more before you even think about becoming staff. The only exception to this is if you are know by management to be experienced or if you were given permission to apply.
  • Must make a(n) high quality application. You will find out what we mean by this later on in this section.
  • Must have a working microphone and be able to talk.
  • If we find that staff was the first thing you asked for when you joined. You're application will not only be denied, you will also be banned from applying for staff again.
  • You must read the Community Guidelines carefully, before and after applying.
  • If you are accepted, you are required to read the staff code of conduct. Failure to read/understand the Community Guidelines and the staff code of conduct will lead to an instant revoke of powers.
  • Additional requirements not listed here may apply. As to ensure the best of honesty in applications.

// Type of moderators we look for //
Although there is good and detailed applications every now and then, that doesn't exactly mean they are a "perfect fit" to be staff. As they might not have the right personality, attitude, or is not mature. Generally, someone with with an:
  • Rude, Disrespectful, or Careless attitude;
  • Power hungry or lacks humbleness;
  • Gets angry or heated very easily;
  • Can't take jokes or insults from higher staff.
  • Immature/Childish attitude to a point of not being able to stay on task or focus. Not being a good listener.
  • Emotionally immature. Has ego and drama problems. Creates problems where there are none.
  • Non-Social to a point of not wanting to communicate with fellow staff members / Not active on discord or forums;
  • Someone that can't be there when we need them / Not exactly active in-game;
Would NOT be a good fit for a Moderator.

Location and Timezone. This isn't mentioned much. However, it can play a small factor in rather or not you are accepted. As people from certain regions have certain thinking patterns. Additionally, we want a "global" staff team where the server can be staffed almost 24/7. This will not be heavily noticed and isn't something to worry about when making your application.

Age vs Maturity. Although this is usually the judgement of maturity in most social situations and tends to play a big factor in communities. Age does not always determine the maturity of an individual. As I've seen people under the age of 12 start their own successful businesses and people as old as 70 acting like 5 year olds. However, age does play a factor in rather you will be accepted or not as it helps us determine "average" maturity until we can verify your actual maturity. Therefore, we ease up on age requirements sometimes if we know said person and if application is outstanding. Generally, we want someone that is very mature, professional, and friendly.

Social Activity. We want staff that are active not only in-game but out-of-game also. E.g. On the forums and discord; As that needs to be moderated also. Being active on all platforms strengthens your chances of becoming staff and being promoted if you are staff as this shows loyalty and dedication to this community.

Social Behavior. This plays a big factor in rather you will be accepted or not. Someone with many warnings for spamming, disrespect, or drama; Or the individual is very disrespectful or generally causes trouble.. would not be a good fit for staff. On the other hand, someone with a very friendly and good reputation in the community has a strong chance of becoming staff.

Understanding Technical. The Minecortex Staff Teams are a loyalist meritocracy meaning that we only allow those who are both loyal and know their shit to become high ranks. It is very important that our staff members understand how our server works because as a staff member you will be asked questions you are expected to know the answer to.

// Understand why most applications are denied //
Often, we get trolls and staff-hunters who come on here seeking staff or a youtuber(media) position with no intent of helping the server or the players; and most likely just want staff to 1) Commands/Power, 2) Troll/Joke around, or 3) Abuse. As a result, we have become VERY strict on applications. Therefore, applying and being staff have both become very challenging for honest people with good intent. Often, the staff applications we get are very short, in general very bare, or just unprofessional. You most likely can easily tell by now that this is very annoying; as we want actual staff, not noobs... In order to narrow down the amount of applications like that and to fix this problem; we have put detailed & strict requirements/rules on applying for staff and being staff. This should make their/your attempts at staff possible.

Respect the precedent of the current staff members and the amount of effort that they have put into their application by making your application a high quality application, just as they did. If we accept someone who doesn't, it will be unfair to them. Additionally, if your application isn't detailed or lacks effort, not only is it annoying for us, it shows that you really don't care. Your application reflects how you would be a staff member. If your application is bare and has little to no effort, that is like telling us you would be a terrible staff member who wouldn't care and wouldn't do their job accordingly. Making an application that fails to follow format and/or has little to no effort is even considered to be very disrespectful toward the community and our current staff members. This is why most applications get denied. Being staff is not a game, you're dealing with REAL people who expect the best from us. Its something that must be taken very seriously because this is community management and because staff represent the server & community. Your job will be to help people and make them feel welcomed.

// Grammar //
Any application that misuses grammar will have a much higher chance of being denied. We ease up on this often, but it is best that you use proper grammar.
Things like the following:
"Hi My Name Is Cube How Are You I Am Good"
"I wood be supr duper gud staff cuz I worked at hypickle"
"hi me name is John how are you i am good"
"Hi My name is Jim jim How Are You I am Good"
"I thinki would be vary gud staff cuz I ran a serv afore"
Are quick, to be denied.


// Understanding the application form //
To help people better understand what the questions mean and the importance of correctly answering it, I'm going to go over some of them.

Personal questions - These questions are important because it helps us trust you and get to know you better.

Account questions - These questions help us communicate and contact you.

Experience & Time - Here you will describe your previous work experience, how long you played the server, etc.

Body - This is the core information of your application.

"Why do you want rank this rank?" - Here you should explain in detail about how you want to help the server and why you want to be staff in general. This should not go below 300 words.

"How do you think you can assist the server?" - Here you should go into detail explaining how you can assist the server. This should not go below 200 words.


// Other things to note and applicant form //
If you are denied for what ever reason you must wait 1 or more weeks (as stated by the judge of your application) before applying again, no exceptions.
If you are a resigned or demoted staff member you must wait 1 month before reapplying unless told other wise.
Only the Leadership Team can view your application.

Last of all, if you think you can handle becoming a member of the Minecortex Support Team; Click the "Ready? Lets go" button below, answer all the questions and fill out the fields, then submit the application. You will get a response about your application from someone in the Management Team in anywhere from 1 week to 1 month; letting you know if you've been requested for interview and training or denied.