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Staff Handbook & Code of Conduct
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Congratulations, you made it! As a new member of the staff team your job is to mostly moderate chat and report back to your higher staff members. If you have a question about something contact your Commander/Superior. The easiest and fastest way to contact staff is through our discord server, because the forums will take time which would not be good in an emergency situation like if the server was being attacked with spam bots or multiple people attacking the server at once, etc. This is just one of the reasons why we require all of our staff members to have discord and if possible have the app on their phone so we can call them if they're out-of-game or away from their desktop. If you fail to connect to our discord server with-in 1 week after being accepted you will be demoted. ( Another thing to note is; If you did something bad/wrong as a staff member you will receive one strike against your rank, after 3 strikes you will be demoted. Your strikes get removed with-in 1 or more weeks. This help guide applies to ALL staff members! Some of these things should be obvious. However not to all people, so I'm going to explain how you are suppose to conduct yourself as member of our team.

We expect 100 and 10 percent out of ALL staff members, high and low. You have take this seriously as if you are in the military. We want an Elite, Professional, Respectful, Helpful, Active, and Mature Staff Team. Lets lay down some principles and rules..

This code of conduct (COC) guidelines is instructions and rules of how a Minecortex Staff Member is to interact with players, other staff, and superiors.

1) Please try to remain professional at all times when talking with players about problems, issues, or questions. If you do something that could be considered taboo, offensive, morbid or generally inappropriate, apologize. We want our staff that will treat our members well and kindly (especially new members). Rude people make new players leave. So if you continue being disrespectful toward players and customers after being warned you will have your rank removed and possibly punished. Its not our job to have to tell you to act more like a staff member. If a Manager or higher tells you to stop, you stop.

2) Know when to be professional/formal and when to be chill/casual. Although the lines between these two are quite fuzzy; We are very serious when talking with players and assisting them when they need help. But that doesn't mean you have to be formal 24/7; As in, you're allowed to be casual and joke with fellow staff members and close friends. We want to keep a certain level of professionalism here. Use correct punctuation and grammar whenever doing something serious, like player support. NEVER use any derogatory language when dealing with customers / support operations.

3) Stay cool when under fire. Heated arguments and conflicts in the community are more common than it may seem, its best to handle these situations with a calm and collected attitude, even if its another staff member you are having an issue with. I've seen many minor conflicts turn into a huge situations that could end up with someone getting hurt, permissions revoked, or even worst.. banned. If a situation directly affects you and it makes you furious.. Its best either talk it out or to just leave the situation and go to higher ups to deal with it while you cool off.

4) Do not insult or harass players, especially new players. By this we mean disrespecting them or trying to get them banned right away even though they didn't do anything wrong or trying to intimidate them. This makes players feel unsafe and uncomfortable, and will make some leave. If you are caught doing this your rank will be removed immediately. We want a mature but friendly staff team.

5) You must do your job. If we see you just hanging out free load'n and generally not being helpful (as in, there is a situation right before your very eyes and you do nothing about it) you will be demoted or receive one strike. You are staff, you're suppose to help. If you don't do your job, why should we keep you as staff when that spot can be filled in by someone better or more professional?

6) Respect the decisions of those above you. I've seen many situations where a staff member thinks that they are entitled to their rank and permissions or tries to talk smack in chat about how he/she should have been promoted instead of someone else, complain about being demoted, or try to argue with the decision a higher staff member made. Generally, this is very rude to the Leadership Team and will most likely lead to you being demoted fully. We make people certain ranks/roles for a reason; not for your pleasure or wants. We promote those who we see fit and we demote those who we think is not responsible enough for the privilege. We place people at ranks and positions that we are comfortable with, not what you are comfortable with. Being a staff member is not about power/commands, Its about helping people, you are working for the network and the betterment of its community.

7) Do not to sass, talk back, or raise up against your superior(s). Do not create riots or try to start shit. This where you have a sassy or smirk attitude toward higher ups this is considered mutiny and is extremely rude toward the Leadership Team and will result in an immediate dishonorable discharge. We've seen what can happen when this is left unchecked or if we are soft about this. Its not funny nor cool to attack the authority of your superiors or talk bad in chat about them. In short, we don't want bullshit, we don't need people on our team who have ego problems or lacks meekness and humbleness. If you have a problem with being a staff member then kindly submit a resignation later to a(n) Manager or Admin and they will move you to a lower rank, peacefully.

7.1) Do not gossip or spread information that was said to you in private unless you are given a direct order to by an Administrator. This only causes drama for everybody in the staff team. If you have an important private discussion with a superior then you gossip, spread, or leak it to other people in a private message who are not suppose to know or are not involved, you will be demoted fully, censored, and will not trusted with any thing told to you in private anymore. Its called private messages for a reason, they are meant to be kept private! Sometimes a manager only wants to let one person know something. If we wanted other people to know we would make it an announcement. As the saying goes.. Loose lips sink ships. And you should be against gossip/drama as well because it doesn't benefit anybody. Drama/gossip hurts people, it can cost people financially and ruin their reputation. It kills the staff team/workplace morale. Its happened in the past and it will NOT be tolerated. If you have nothing good to say, nothing that will help the staff team or community, then don't say anything at all.

8) Failure to respond to a Manager or Higher after 2-4 days. If you do not respond to someone from the Management Team after you have been messaged repeatedly via Discord you will receive 1 strike against your rank. This mainly applies if we see you online and not responding as this counts as ignoring/disrespect to your superior.

9) You must follow the rules and apply it to all situations as a staff member. Do not think that just because you're a staff member you can do what ever you want. Get familiarized with the laws of the community/server @ Be familiarized with the ranks and how the servers work @ Generally get familiarized with all information about the server via reading all posts @

9.1) Enforcing the Community Guidelines. As an Guidelines Enforcer you are required to follow, uphold, and enforce the Community Guidelines. You are required to punish rule breakers according to what the Community Guidelines say with correct amount of punishment time. If you fail to follow and enforce the Community Guidelines, you will be given a strike or demotion depending upon the situation. It is highly recommended that you check the rules every week as we update them often.

Code of Conduct (COC) broken down into layman terms:
1) Don't harass players.
2) Don't start shit aka drama/rumors.
3) Don't misuse power.
4) Don't metal in business of your superiors.
5) Don't ask for promotions.
6) Don't be inactive.
Following these things will keep you out of trouble with the Managers and Directors/Owners.


// You must be active and active on all our platforms. (Ingame, Forums, and Discord) This is one of the most important requirements that we require out of all our staff. We can't urge enough how important this is because we can't have inactive staff members cluttering up our staff team, who are inactive, generally never on, or join once every week. Due to this all staff are required to meet the minimum requirement of 7 hours every a week, which is 1 hour a day across a span of 7 days. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you have to be on everyday, (Although that would be greatly appreciated) you just have to meet the 7 hours per week minimum requirement. For Example: You can spend 3 hours on Sunday then 2 hours on Monday, then 4 hours on Tuesday, etc.. Doesn't matter how many hours you spend on which day, all that matters is that you are able to have 7+ hours of time on the server at the end of the week. If you fail to meet the requirement 2 times in a row, you will be demoted. If you need time off, contact a Manager or Admin and explain the situation. Moderator and higher are allowed a maximum 3 months of off time if they explain to the Management Team why they need time off.

Keep in mind that 7 hours a week is the MINIMUM requirement, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you go well above and beyond the call of duty.

// Staff Meetings. A staff meeting is where all the staff members get together in a voice chat on our discord to discuss recent events, ideas/improvements, and how everything is functioning. These meetings are held every 1 or 2 weeks; you will be alerted via #staff-chat about when a meeting is going to happen and what time to be there. If you fail to visit a staff meeting without giving a good reason why, you will be given a verbal warning from a Manager or Higher. If you miss the next meeting you will be given 1 strike against your rank. Being active in staff meetings will help prove yourself worthy of being promoted.

// Life issues and the job. Every now and then someone will be going through hardship in their life. Such as losing a love one, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. Many times a conflict between them and the high staff happens due to confusion. We've seen staff get out of control, act crazy, and sometimes take it out on us by being disrespectful or trying to act bad in chat when such a thing happens in their life and they expect us to know why even though they didn't explain the issue to us. This only causes chaos and drama for the Admins and Managers as they will assume that you are acting this way because you think its funny or cool to make high staff look bad or your going against us, which will ultimately end up with you being both demoted and permanently banned. So please, if you have any issue which may affect your performance on the job talk about it with Leadership. Acting up will only do you more harm than good. We are more than willing to give you as much time off as you need or lighten the activity requirements for you if its for honorable reasons.


// Don't abuse commands, permissions, or information will lead to revoke of your powers. If Management finds you're abusing any of your permissions for non-staff purposes or insulting/exploiting players with it you will be demoted instantly and will be banned from applying for staff forever.

// Do not think you are "clever" by trying to use "special commands" or doing things you think aren't view to Managers and Admins because I can assure you that it is. Everything is logged, even signs. We will find out if you did something wrong. This staff team is run by stern technical experts and professionals with years of experience who seek to find the weakness and weak of mind in every new staff member they grant the privilege to be on their team.

// Do not go away-from-keyboard or idle ingame for long periods of time, that will make players think you're there to help but are actually not. If you need to go afk/idle for an extended period of time, e.g. more then 1 minute, you should go into /vanish or logoff.

// Internal Affairs. If you are suspected of abusing your powers or we get multiple abuse reports from players about you, a special team will be investigating everything you do and if they find you abuse your powers you will be demoted and possibility punished. This is a team of the most trusted staff members and are usually sworn to secrecy. Yes we have spies.

// How to use anti-cheat to your advantage. I'm going to explain how to use our anticheat system, what the warnings mean, and what to do about it. Keep in mind that anti-cheat is NOT perfect, do not go straight ahead and ban someone just because of one or multiple alerts. If the user is getting more alerts than the usual player, go into /vanish and inspect the player for about 20-30 minutes. If you see him hacking try to record him so the Management Team can decide rather he is guilty or not. If you can not record him than contact staff members who can. Keep in mind you don't have to record xray hacks, as the Management Team can prove rather they are guilty or not via logs then inspect their mining pattern. If you see someone xraying, write down the coordinates of where the xray happened, then ban the user for 1 or 2 weeks. Put the coordinates in #staff-chat so the Management Team can investigate. Keep in mind that you MUST know for sure that he is xraying because false bans can get you demoted. General Managers and higher are allowed to ban a player on the spot without recording.

// As you earn more respect from the managers and your peers/coworkers you will find that your job gets easier and more friendly. The higher rank you are the more respect you will be given. Respect those who have higher ranks than you. They earned that position, it wasn't just given to them. They are at that rank for a reason.

If you have any questions about anything on this page feel free to ask a Manager for assistance.
Have fun and welcome to the staff team!

Staff Application Guidelines
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» Welcome to the Staff Application Guidelines «

Opening speech: Applying and being accepted is an honor, something you really have to work for, not just an offer and not just something anyone can get. Minecortex is a business, therefore should be treated as such. Becoming a staff member may get you an paid job. How? We are partners with many businessmen and we will be opening a hosting/technology company in the future Those who stick around long enough, those who are loyal/dedicated, those who do the job correctly, and show their self worthy, have a strong chance of being hired. Those who abuse, troll, do not follow orders, or generally bring harm to Minecortex will not only be fired but have a bad mark put on their record and will not get any recommendations from us.

Introduction: Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member. We do our best to look into every application that is sent to us. Just be patient, we will get to you as soon as we can. Eventually you will get an alert via discord or email that you've been accepted or denied.

Please note: If you are accepted for an interview and you fail to contact a manager in 7-10 days, your application will be denied. If you can not visit the interview for whatever reason, please let management know so we can reschedule a better time.

What is a staff member? A staff member is anybody who is hired by Minecortex Management to assist them with their tasks or to do a particular job. Some people misunderstand the meaning of "Staff" and think it just means somebody who moderates. Just because they're staff doesn't mean they enforce the rules or have the permissions to. Think military. Moderator would be the Staff Member's MOS. Therefore, once you enlist to become a Minecortex Staff Member, your job will be decided base off the information you provided in your application.

What is a moderator? A moderator (or guidelines enforcer) is like a police officer. Their job is to keep the peace. They keep law and order, they help the community. A moderator should be able to do the following:
1) Assist a player when they ask for your help.
2) Enforce the guidelines fairly, equally, and competently. A moderator should be able to differentiate between what and what not is against the Community Guidelines.
3) A moderator should see them self as a Peace Officer, not a police officer.

// Staff Application Requirements //
  • Must have a verified account on discord or skype. If you do not have a verified discord and the discord application or skype account you can NOT be a staff member. This also means that you must have a working microphone and be able to talk. No exceptions!

  • You must use your main minecraft account for being and to become a member of the staff team.
  • The login information of your main minecraft account must not be shared with anyone. You will instantly have your permissions removed upon sharing your account login details.
  • Must have played for longer then 1 month. You should experience the server and its community more before you even think about becoming staff. The only exception to this is if you are know by management to be experienced or if you were given permission to apply.
  • Must make a(n) high quality application. You will find out what we mean by this later on in this section.
  • Must have a working microphone and be able to talk.
  • If we find that staff was the first thing you asked for when you joined. You're application will not only be denied, you will also be banned from applying for staff again.
  • You must read the Community Guidelines carefully, before and after applying.
  • If you are accepted, you are required to read the staff code of conduct. Failure to read/understand the Community Guidelines and the staff code of conduct will lead to an instant revoke of powers.
  • Additional requirements not listed here may apply. As to ensure the best of honesty in applications.

// Type of moderators we look for //
Although there is good and detailed applications every now and then, that doesn't exactly mean they are a "perfect fit" to be staff. As they might not have the right personality, attitude, or is not mature. Generally, someone with with an:
  • Rude, Disrespectful, or Careless attitude;
  • Power hungry or lacks humbleness;
  • Gets angry or heated very easily;
  • Can't take jokes or insults from higher staff.
  • Immature/Childish attitude to a point of not being able to stay on task or focus. Not being a good listener.
  • Emotionally immature. Has ego and drama problems. Creates problems where there are none.
  • Non-Social to a point of not wanting to communicate with fellow staff members / Not active on discord or forums;
  • Someone that can't be there when we need them / Not exactly active in-game;
Would NOT be a good fit for a Moderator.

Location and Timezone. This isn't mentioned much. However, it can play a small factor in rather or not you are accepted. As people from certain regions have certain thinking patterns. Additionally, we want a "global" staff team where the server can be staffed almost 24/7. This will not be heavily noticed and isn't something to worry about when making your application.

Age vs Maturity. Although this is usually the judgement of maturity in most social situations and tends to play a big factor in communities. Age does not always determine the maturity of an individual. As I've seen people under the age of 12 start their own successful businesses and people as old as 70 acting like 5 year olds. However, age does play a factor in rather you will be accepted or not as it helps us determine "average" maturity until we can verify your actual maturity. Therefore, we ease up on age requirements sometimes if we know said person and if application is outstanding. Generally, we want someone that is very mature, professional, and friendly.

Social Activity. We want staff that are active not only in-game but out-of-game also. E.g. On the forums and discord; As that needs to be moderated also. Being active on all platforms strengthens your chances of becoming staff and being promoted if you are staff as this shows loyalty and dedication to this community.

Social Behavior. This plays a big factor in rather you will be accepted or not. Someone with many warnings for spamming, disrespect, or drama; Or the individual is very disrespectful or generally causes trouble.. would not be a good fit for staff. On the other hand, someone with a very friendly and good reputation in the community has a strong chance of becoming staff.

Understanding Technical. The Minecortex Staff Teams are a loyalist meritocracy meaning that we only allow those who are both loyal and know their shit to become high ranks. It is very important that our staff members understand how our server works because as a staff member you will be asked questions you are expected to know the answer to.

// Understand why most applications are denied //
Often, we get trolls and staff-hunters who come on here seeking staff or a youtuber(media) position with no intent of helping the server or the players; and most likely just want staff to 1) Commands/Power, 2) Troll/Joke around, or 3) Abuse. As a result, we have become VERY strict on applications. Therefore, applying and being staff have both become very challenging for honest people with good intent. Often, the staff applications we get are very short, in general very bare, or just unprofessional. You most likely can easily tell by now that this is very annoying; as we want actual staff, not noobs... In order to narrow down the amount of applications like that and to fix this problem; we have put detailed & strict requirements/rules on applying for staff and being staff. This should make their/your attempts at staff possible.

Respect the precedent of the current staff members and the amount of effort that they have put into their application by making your application a high quality application, just as they did. If we accept someone who doesn't, it will be unfair to them. Additionally, if your application isn't detailed or lacks effort, not only is it annoying for us, it shows that you really don't care. Your application reflects how you would be a staff member. If your application is bare and has little to no effort, that is like telling us you would be a terrible staff member who wouldn't care and wouldn't do their job accordingly. Making an application that fails to follow format and/or has little to no effort is even considered to be very disrespectful toward the community and our current staff members. This is why most applications get denied. Being staff is not a game, you're dealing with REAL people who expect the best from us. Its something that must be taken very seriously because this is community management and because staff represent the server & community. Your job will be to help people and make them feel welcomed.

// Grammar //
Any application that misuses grammar will have a much higher chance of being denied. We ease up on this often, but it is best that you use proper grammar.
Things like the following:
"Hi My Name Is Cube How Are You I Am Good"
"I wood be supr duper gud staff cuz I worked at hypickle"
"hi me name is John how are you i am good"
"Hi My name is Jim jim How Are You I am Good"
"I thinki would be vary gud staff cuz I ran a serv afore"
Are quick, to be denied.


// Understanding the application form //
To help people better understand what the questions mean and the importance of correctly answering it, I'm going to go over some of them.

Personal questions - These questions are important because it helps us trust you and get to know you better.

Account questions - These questions help us communicate and contact you.

Experience & Time - Here you will describe your previous work experience, how long you played the server, etc.

Body - This is the core information of your application.

"Why do you want rank this rank?" - Here you should explain in detail about how you want to help the server and why you want to be staff in general. This should not go below 300 words.

"How do you think you can assist the server?" - Here you should go into detail explaining how you can assist the server. This should not go below 200 words.


// Other things to note and applicant form //
If you are denied for what ever reason you must wait 1 or more weeks (as stated by the judge of your application) before applying again, no exceptions.
If you are a resigned or demoted staff member you must wait 1 month before reapplying unless told other wise.
Only the Leadership Team can view your application.

Last of all, if you think you can handle becoming a member of the Minecortex Support Team; Click the "Ready? Lets go" button below, answer all the questions and fill out the fields, then submit the application. You will get a response about your application from someone in the Management Team in anywhere from 1 week to 1 month; letting you know if you've been requested for interview and training or denied.

Ranks, Roles and Titles
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Minecortex Roles and Titles

» Leadership Team (Management) «
The Leadership/Directorship/Management Team is responsible for overseeing/managing all legal, financial, support, servers, platforms, and technical aspects of The Minecortex Project, Minecortex Services, Minecortex Community, and Minecortex Organization.
Founder & Lead Director
Founder represents the Main & First Owner. Oversees the entire network and owns the Network and Minecortex Services outright. This rank is completely unobtainable.

Director / Organizational Administrator, Platform Admin
Oversees the entire community, all the staff/associates, all support operations, and directs the management team. This person is the manager of the managers. Admins have the same permissions however there are certain grades/levels/ratings of admin which determine their experience, loyalty, and honor. These are NOT ranks, they are just titles of honor and permission/trust levels:
5 Stars - Administrator of Minecortex - Admin of the highest honor, trust, experience, and loyalty. 2nd in command. Fully Decorated / The Head Admin.
4 Stars - General Administrator - A highly honored Admin.
3 Stars - Lieutenant Administrator - A trusted hard working Admin.
2 Stars - Major Administrator - A Junior Admin.
1 Star - Brigadier Administrator - A newly promoted admin.

Community Manager / General Manager
Oversee all the managers and staff. They work closely with leadership/administrators to assure all is going to plan. The Community Manager and the Admins trains managers and lower staff. They try to make members in our staff teams leaders not managers/authorities. They organize community events and try to get new dedicated members to our platforms. The Community Manager helps the owner and his directors setup important information. They fix typographical errors and keep information up to date so the Operations Managers can focus on more important things. They connect the community to the developers and the developers to the Owners/Directors. They are required to be friendly, mature, wise, and have a decent understanding of psychology.

Guidelines Enforcement Manager / Direct Manager (Moderation Team)
The Moderation Manager, sometimes referred to as the Guidelines Enforcement Manager or GE Manager, as the name implies, manages the Moderation Team. They are responsible for making sure all guidelines enforcement staff are in line. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring, firing, and training of staff. They resolve any conflict within the teams. They have great people/social skills.

Assistant Manager / Manager Trainee
This individual assists either the Moderation Manager and Community Manager or both with their tasks. They fill in for them if they are unavailable.

» Support, Development, & General Operations (Operations Team) «
The Operations Team is responsible for software development, software management, and technical operations of Minecortex.
The developer is responsible for content production under the management of the Admins, and under the supervision and help from the Community Manager.

System Administrator
This rank has similar responsibilities as the Developer, however these individuals may or may not know how to code java plugins. The role of the sys admin is upkeep, configure, and general maintenance of our servers. They report directly to the Directors / Operations Managers.

Has escalated permissions to assist managers with their tasks, they do many things including customer support. Their power and supervision comes from the Community Manager. The specialist is somebody who is professional of how servers (specifically professional game servers) work. They can specialize in a variety of different things: Community Management, Leadership, Staff Management, Moderation, etc. They are mainly responsible for training new staff members.

This is an individual who is good at building and making in-game designs.

» Guidelines Enforcement Team (Moderation Team) «
The job of the Guidelines Enforcement Team is to enforce the Community Guidelines, to ensure they are not breaking broken. Because the Minecortex Community is public, meaning anybody can join for free: It is necessary to have a group of people who maintain order and assist new members.
Constable / Guidelines Enforcer
Highest Guidelines Enforcement rank that doesn't involve HR management. Enforces advanced community rules and helps higher ups. A fully decorated peace officer of Minecortex. They moderate all our platforms.

Enforces basic community rules and helps players. Reports to higher ups.

Scout Moderator
Same as Helper except they try to find cheaters/exploits and report it to higher staff.

Helper / Trainee
Enforces chat related guidelines. A new staff member in training.

» Partners & Contractors (Business) «
Minecortex Partner
This is an individual we have a unique business relationship with.

This is an individual we have hired to do a particular job, such as a plugin developer.

This is an individual who makes professional content on the server, such as a YouTuber.

» Community (People) «
We support our Troops! This rank is for (IN REAL LIFE) Police/Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS, Emergency Services, and Military personnel only. Those who want this rank must positively-ID themselves to Management that they served or are serving via government ID. This rank has all the perks/features of the highest donator rank. If you lie to us or we discover you are stolen valor, you will be permanently banned.

Retired Staff
A retired staff member is somebody who retired/resigned for honorable reasons. Also know as an honorable discharge.

Currently the highest supporter rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

Supporter Rank.

The rank everybody starts off with.

Community Guidelines
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/// Minecortex Community Guidelines ///

Hello, Staff & Players! This post should help you when it comes to knowing what and what not to on Minecortex. If you have any suggestions for rule changes, please contact the Management Team. Here at Minecortex, we want our players and staff to be free from bullying, attacks, stressful /negative people, and toxicity of any nature. Because of that, we will stand against any false information, fake news, and anything which is bias/unfair. Harassment toward anybody is greatly frowned upon here. Although we are an anarchy network, this does not mean complete free range. Its just a GAME, and the anarchy part only applies to ingame. 
We want our discord server and website to be kept civil and legal. In short, don't be stupid.

The following is not tolerated on any of our platforms and will be removed with an warning, mute, censorship, or ban issued toward the offender:
  • » Copyright infringement or any material that violates an individual's contractual, personal, or intellectual property rights or other rights.

  • » Using our platforms to advertise or market a service or game server (without permission) that lowers our user-base.

  • » Purchase trolling. Do not de-rank or troll people by buying them a rank lower then what they purchased.

  • » Spamming or repeating the same message over and over. Do not be an annoyance to other people who use the chat. The only exception to this is messages done privately. However if they ask you to stop messaging them, you must, otherwise you will be warned or muted for harassment.

  • » Do not annoy or waste the staffers time. Do not do things that will make a staff member dislike you or anything which annoys them. Examples of this would be: false reports, trolling staff, arguing with staff, repeatedly messaging a staff member with non-important things.

  • » Impersonation of a staff member or another individual. Do not pretend to be someone you're not.
With this in mind, we don't want our platforms to become a place of toxicity and ridicule about anybody. However, we do allow freedom of speech as long as it doesn't cause damage to reputations and finances. We also allow discussions about politics and religion.

The following is completely unacceptable and will result in immediate blacklisting, account termination, removal, and permanent ban from ALL our platform(s) with absolutely no chance of appeal. All related data/content of the user will be purged from our servers:
  • » Spreading of viruses, malware, and linking to IP loggers. Do not attempt to bring harm to another person's machine.

  • » Child porn and sexual content depicting minors. Any offenders of this will have all known information about them reported immediately to U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Officials and you will be tipped off to the FBI.

  • » Sharing information that is directly harmful to someone's physical, financial, careers, or reputation aka doxxing. Do not spread rumors about somebody; do not share or link to information that is meant to shame or degrade somebody. Do not witch-hunt individuals or engage in call-out/exposing culture. Do not leak someone's private information; This includes but is not limited to: Street address, IP Addresses, Email addresses, IRL Name, IRL Location, Phone numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSN), Tax Identification Numbers (TIN), Phone calls, Texts, and Discord/Skype direct/private messages. Do not record people in voice calls without their knowledge. Do not DoX and blackmail people. Do not extort members of our community. Respect people's right to privacy. Do not make Minecortex a toxic place. Minecortex is suppose to be an relaxing and joyful place! Not a place for people to act as if they are on some moral high-ground / an "holyer than thou" attitude.

  • » Do not attempt to stage a coup or riot against the Administrators and Management Team. Do not spread misrepresented information about the administration and organization. Do not create drama or stage any type of riotous event. Do not make Minecortex a riotous and dangerous place.

  • » Social engineering, deception, false flags, or any malicious attempt to gain somebody's trust for nefarious purposes which are harmful toward Minecortex. Do not engage in psychological manipulation and/or psychological warfare.

  • » Fraudulent chargebacks or scamming people for IRL money. Do not do anything which causes people to lose in real life currency. Do not commit fraud.

  • » Anything which is meant to jam, slowdown, or crash our severs/network/platforms. Lag machines, D/DoSing, IP Stressing, Spam connecting, etc.

  • » Disagreeing or failure to follow the Terms of Service.
We take violations of the above VERY seriously. Some of which will cause us to take legal action against the individual.

// Gameplay Rules //
Do not impede other players from playing the server.

1) Any use of unapproved modifications aka "Hacked Client". This is where you are using either Illegal Modifications or a full on Hacked Client.
Xray / Derp / AntiAFK / ETC (Non-Harmful hacks) - Punishment: First Offence = 2 Day ban  Second Offence = 1 or 2 Week ban  Third Offence = Permanent ban.
Fly / KillAura / Speed / ETC (Harmful hacks) - Punishment: First Offence = 30 Day ban  Second Offence = 100 Day ban or permanent ban  Third Offence = Permanent ban.

2) Exploiting. Glitches // Dupes. This is where you do something which is unfair, breaks the economy, or exploit something that shouldn't be. Punishment: We have the right to do with you as we may if you break this rule. Exceptions: Entity TNT duplication glitch.

3) Faction insiding/betrayal or Skyblock griefing. This is where you join someone's faction/island to raid or abuse them. This ruins the fun and purpose of factions/teaming and is generally stupid. However the Faction/Island Owner can do whatever he pleases to those under him/her. Punishment: First Offence = 1 Week ban.

4) Spawn Traps / Purposely creating anything on the border of Spawn or a WarZone/Admin Claims. This is where you build a curtain or any type of big obstruction near or on the border of spawn. This is annoying and makes it hard for players to walk out of spawn. If you are caught doing this, it will be removed and you will be giving a warning along with a 2 hour ban. Increments of warnings will continue until you are at a permanent ban from the network.

5) Portal Trapping // Traps that make it where the player can't play again. This is where you attempt to trap a player in a portal by blocking it. Since the player is not able to teleport out or call for help this is considered bannable, as it would make players leave if they didn't know how to contact a staff member on discord or forums.
Punishment: First Offence = Warning  Second Offence = 2 Week temporary ban  Third Offence = Permanent ban.

Note: The type of punishment you get also depends on your punishment history. E.g If you have a history of spamming chat then you harass a player, your punishment will be a 1 day mute instead of a warning. If you were punished for using a hacked client before then you break any other rules your punishment for the law a 2nd time will automatically jump to that rule's second offence because you have a bad history.


// Information & Notes //

// We don't take screenshots or editable chat-logs as proof for anything. However to those that don't fake produce screenshots, you can still report it to an staff member and it will be reviewed by higher staff who will check for legitimacy via checking our own system logs. If our logs don't line up with whatever screenshot you gave us, it will be labeled as false and you most likely will be banned for propaganda/social-engineering and submitting a false report. Important: Pictures of discord chat conversations are to NEVER be trusted, especially since they can not be backed up or proven by us. Discord messages can VERY easily be faked and manipulated with printer or view source in browsers. You won't believe how many times someone who hates us or another individual will produce fake news like this. So don't believe any images of discord messages. As people are now using these platforms like discord for nefarious purposes to wrongfully and falsely put people down.

// Admitting to breaking any rule will not warrant you a punishment. It will however, put you under investigation to see if the claim is legitimate or not.

// Censorship means all platforms mute. Blacklist means a full removal and disable of services from all of Minecortex's platforms.

// Some rules can only be enforced by higher staff members like Managers and Admins. Lower staff are to report to the higher staff if a rule they can't enforce is broken.

// Everything listed here can change at anytime without notice and can be argued by the community for reproof. Just because its not an official rule, doesn't mean its allowed. Use common sense in some situations or just ask a staff member if its allowed.

// Be civil & use common sense. For some people this may be confusing, what we mean by this is don't be a general annoyance to everyone on the server aka creating server drama. We want a mature and respectful community.

// We do our best to fix issues and moderate the community/server. However, we're not perfect. Please report any issues or problematic users to staff. You may be rewarded for reporting malicious users to managers.

// Please read the FAQ Section of the website. Before contacting staff about a question its best to read the FAQ as it might have your answer.
// Clearifcation:
  • Swearing is allowed. The community leadership is in favor of freedom of speech.*
  • Out of game / IRL Trading is allowed. We are not responsible if you are scammed, however we will ban the person who scammed you if you have legitimate proof.
  • Sexual content is allowed, however to an extent. Be subtle about it and keep it in its appropriate channels.
  • Cobble-monsters / Lava-casting is allowed except on the boarder of spawn.
  • Scamming (IN-GAME ONLY) is allowed.

  • Anything not listed in this thread is most likely allowed.

// The Administration of Minecortex reserves the right to suspend the connection (temporarily or permanently) of anyone to our network or any one of our platforms for any reason at any time. If we feel you are unfit to play on the server, use this forum/website, or use our discord server or other platforms, for any reason we have to right to do with you as we may. This is only done in extreme situations, and can only be enforced by Executive Team or at sole discretion of the Founder. This is the sovereign property of Computerist, he can do as he pleases.

// Your safety and privacy. We want our staff and players to feel safe every time they join our server, like they're right at home. We don't want people getting hurt via our platforms. Therefore, we not only respect the anonymity of our users and our community, we protect it. Only the Management Team will have access to your IP address(s), Location, Age, Name, etc and this information will not be leaked, given, made public, and/or shared with anyone. We take your personal information very seriously; Therefore, only the most trusted, loyal, and known people are a part of the Management Team. You are not required to give any personal information to any of our staff unless told otherwise by an on the spot Administrator. If a staff member who is not from Management or Executive, asks you to provide personal information (except age) contact an Manager right a way. 

When in screen share for suspected of cheating, the only thing you have to show the staff is your minecraft launcher and your current game which open; You are not required to download anything except discord, (Official link If they ask you to download anything that isn't discord contact an HR Manager right away. If they find that you have illegal modifications or hacked clients downloaded you will not be punished. You will only be punished if they find that a hacked client is currently loaded onto your game or launcher and you're on the server with said hacked client; In other-words you're allowed to be possession of any modifications you want as long as its not being used on our server.

// Your rights:
You have the right to free speech.*
You have the right to dispute any punishment/warning an non-leadership staff member gives you.
You have the right to remain silent, no staff member has the right to force you to say anything.
You have the right to report/file a compliant about any staff member to leadership.
You have the right to request that leadership investigates a staff member under them.
You have the right to be protected from any individual in our community. And have that individual be forced to leave you alone under enforcement of the Moderator Team. AKA a restraining order.

*People who join the Staff/Support Team may lose some of these rights as it would be a conflict of interest due to their position.

*The situations in which we may restrict somebody's speech is if they are doxxing, leaking private information, advertising a different community/server platform/service without permission, harassing/defaming an individual, trying to cause issues for or challenging the leadership team, or you are being generally abusive of the platform and misusing free speech. We do not want our platforms to be a toxic place where new players get instantly attacked in public chat. You are welcomed to talk about politics, religion, and other controversial topics or whatever it is you want to talk about as long as it doesn't fall into the above categories. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Use discretion; be civil!

// Always tell the truth when dealing with Guidelines Enforcers (Moderators). Never be scared to let an Moderator or higher know something regrading a situation or problem, they are here to help you.

Last updated: 3/21/2019 (Arranged mm/dd/yyyy)
If you are unsure about anything that is here please don't be afraid to contact a Manager via our discord.

CONTACT [email protected] ABOUT AD PLACEMENT - PRICE: $10 USD per week